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Wedding Cake Pricing:

 Cakes with three or more tiers  receive a choice  of two different flavors of cake. 

The average cost per serving for a tiered cake is around $3.75 . Each cake is custom and pricing is just a estimate.

Two tiered cakes are  priced separately.  

 Wedding Cakes:

Single layer round                         


Two tiered                                       

$150.00 -$175.00

Three tiered                                    

$350.00 -$450.00

Four tiered                                      

$475.00 -$575.00

Five tiered                                       

$650.00 -$750.00


 $2.25 - $2.75 each

Half sheet cakes                              

$1.75 per serving

8" centerpiece cake                          

$55.00 and up



Additional Charges:

Gumpaste or silk flowers                  


Cream cheese frosting                    

$10.00 - $25.00

Red Velvet or Carrot                        

 $10.00 - $25.00

Cupcake decorations may be an additional charge as well.

Delivery is offered and is charged per mile.



Wedding serving suggestions depend upon size and style of cake.

Wedding cakes are available stacked or tiered.



Prices are subject to change.